Innovative Sewer Rehabilitation

As a pioneer and one of the world's leading manufacturers of UV-curing GRP liners, we have used our many years of experience in this field to develop an innovative Sewer rehabilitation method.

Energy from waste water

Thanks to the most modern insulation methods in today's building technology, on the one hand less and less energy resources are needed, but on the other hand, even today only a small part of the consumed energy is recovered.

Durable Composite Plastic

The material, which is ready for assembly, is made up accordingly at our factory, wound onto the workpiece by hand at the construction site and then cured by means of UV light.

Company profile

Brandenburger Liner GmbH & Co. KG

Brandenburger Liner GmbH & Co. KG, is a company based in Landau in der Pfalz, Germany, that specialises in composite materials for use in underground engineering applications. Our main business is trenchless sewer rehabilitation with a seamless, light-curing GFRP pipe liner that we develop and manufacture in-house. Other products enable the rehabilitation of sewer shafts and pressure lines or recover heat from wastewater. Our products contribute to a cost-effective and environmentally friendly rehabilitation of sewer systems worldwide.


We see ourselves as a service provider and pay meticulous attention to the needs of our customers. Our approach of close, personal collaboration ensures best results on construction sites anywhere in the world.


Brandenburger Liner GmbH & Co. KG is a member of the Brandenburger Group. Another branch is the Brandenburger Isoliertechnik GmbH & Co. KG, whose business is thermal insulation solutions for a wide range of industries and areas of application.


Innovation has always been one of the secrets behind the success of the Brandenburger Group. Our employees closely identify with our family-managed, medium-sized business and have contributed to its continuing success for more than 75 years. To ensure a supply of sufficiently skilled technical personnel, we continuously train young talent in various fields and provide them with an attractive working environment.


As a certified company, we are also aware of our responsibility for the environment. We design our workflows and production processes to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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