Our Company History


Expansion of the product portfolio: Brandenburger Liner BB2.5 VERTICAL for manhole lining and Brandenburger Liner BB2.5 FLEX and BB2.5 FLEX XL


Successful restructuring as part of the handover of the company group to the 3rd generation.


Acquisition of Horstring 16 – as an “expansion buffer” for the Group’s growth at the site


The LWA 4 was inaugurated and put into operation on April 7, 2016.

Firmenhistorie 2016 lwa4


New hall construction (plant 1-current press shop) – Relocation of press shop



New air purification technology (TNV with concentration and molecular sieve filter) – significant savings in energy costs


On the 1st April 2010 Tim Brandenburger becomes the chairman of the management board.


Market introduction of the BLUETEC® technology for light-curing GFRP pipe liners.


Cooperation and license agreement for the production of Brandenburger liners in the USA, for North America, Canada and Mexico.


The Brandenburger Group is active throughout the world and has been a market leader in many product areas for more than 60 years.


Founding of UV Reline.tec GmbH & Co. and expansion of Brandenburger activities to include development and manufacture of innovative, world-wide patented UV light-curing plants and equipment.


Start of series production of the seamless Brandenburger liner on special machines developed and designed in-house. Certification of the Brandenburg QM system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.


Granting of international patent for recently developed pipe relining procedure that utilizes seamless Brandenburger liner product in trenchless sewer rehabilitation.


Development of ablation materials for rocket engines in the ARIANE space programme. Start of manufacture of light-curing prepregs for sewer rehabilitation.

1983 - 1990

Switchover to asbestos-free products with equal and in some cases improved material properties. Since 1990, Brandenburger’s friction bearing materials have also been asbestos-free. Thus the entire product range was asbestos-free long before materials containing asbestos were banned by law in 1995.


Takeover of the business by Joachim Brandenburger in the course of the move to the new premises in Landau/Pfalz.


Construction of first heat sealing machine for blister packaging.


Founding of Tonbild company that goes on to manufacture millions of plastic sound image records according to a proprietary procedure.


1st participation at the world’s largest plastics trade fair K ’52 in Düsseldorf.


Founding of mechanical engineering company for manufacture of high-frequency welding and packaging machines. 1st issue of the trade journal for plastics processing “Der Plastverarbeiter” published by our own publishing house.


After WWII, Kurt Brandenburger and his family fled from East Germany, to start a new company in Speyer (in Rhineland-Palatinate, West Germany) with nothing more than the know-how he had gained over the years.


In a small workshop in Manebach in Thuringia, Germany, company founder Kurt Brandenburger begins to manufacture the first heat protection plates, and thus becomes one of the global pioneers in the field of technical plastics.