Handing over of donations to the Landauer Tafel e.V.

from: 08-12-2019

In May 2019 the Brandenburger group had already handed over a donation of 1500 €, half of the proceeds from an employee raffle, to the heart project “Landauer Hospiz”. In June the donation was handed over in the same order of magnitude to another social institution in Landau.


As one of the largest honorary movements in Germany, the Tafel are dependent on the commitment and vigour of the many volunteers. Only with them are they able to help needy people in acute emergencies day after day and to give them a piece of social participation.


To support this valuable work, the Brandenburger Group also made a financial contribution. On 4 June 2019, Landauer Tafel e. V. received another cheque; this time in the amount of 1500 €, presented by the managing directors Peter Schwab and Michael Schloder.


The Brandenburger Group is very pleased to be able to support the Landauer Tafel e.V. with this donation and wishes the entire honorary team continued success in their important work.


Further information to the board: www.landauer-tafel.de